Blue&Cream Ghostface Timepiece



Product Info

The Blue&Cream chain link timepiece is inspired by a 41cm large faced Swiss diving watch. A la Jay Z: "Big faced rollie...I've got two of those." Features: adjustable chain link band, Japanese movement with date just and exclusive Rolex inspired milgaus lightning bolt seconds hand. Adjusting tool included with purchase. This lux edition features rose-gold dial on crisp and simple white-faced design.

- Chain Link Band with Adjusting Tool.
- Supreme Clientele Ghostface written on the face.
- Rose Gold Bezel, White Chain Links, White face.
- Rose Gold Lightning Bolt Second Hand.
- Water Resistant.
- Large Face Model.


BLUE & CREAM (B&C) is a Hamptons based multi-label retail clothing boutique. In 2004, B&C ventured into private label design of exclusive B&C T-Shirts, Sweatpants, Sweatshirts & More. B&C private label features 3 iconic brands- BEEN HERE FOREVER, THE LAMPTONS, and our SKULL&TENNIS logos which have become synomymous with the Hamptons lifestyle.