Commando Matchsticks



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Commando Matchsticks

This adorable looking "matchbox" is filled with clear double stick fashion tape.

- Fix a bra strap that won't stay up
- Keep your sling back shoes in place
- Fold up a fallen hem
- Keep your shirt from exposing more than you want


The only thing better than wearing nothing at all? Wearing Commando because each precision-cut piece of lingerie lays smooth and is invisible under even the most form-fitting and sheer clothing. Commando's "naked" construction - without elastic trim - eliminates panty lines and hip gouging forever. You'll "barely" feel it, and they'll never see it.
Intimates Commando Low Beams Commando Low Beams

The perfect defense against a fashion faux-pas.

- You are protected from cold air, flashing camera bulbs, and uncomfortable fabric with these latex free adhesives.
- One pack comes with 5 pairs.
18 USD
Hanky Panky Signature Lace Low Rise Thong Fits lower on the hips, Hanky Panky has a flattering V waistband, no visible panty line. Available flat or rolled. One-size, fits 2-12.

- Body: 100% Nylon
- Trim: 90% Nylon 10% Spandex
- Lining: 100% Cotton
- Made in the USA

The World's Most Comfortable Thong starts with the best materials. Each component was chosen for its specific stretch qualities, softness and fit. Also, 100% of the fabrics and trims used to make the Signature Lace thongs and panties are knitted in the USA. Even the Supima cotton fibers used to make the lining are grown in the USA. The Signature Lace is an exclusive pattern available only to Hanky Panky.
22 USD
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