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-Published and bound in the USA.
-100% Goatskin

*East Hampton Turquoise Goatskin
*The Hamptons Pink Goatskin
*East Hampton Lime Goatskin
*East Hampton Pink Goatskin
*The Hamptons Lime Goatskin
*Born Rich Gold Goatskin

**The Lamptons EXCLUSIVE Black Leather


BLUE&CREAM (B&C) is a Hamptons based multi-label retail clothing boutique. In 2004, B&C ventured into private label design of exclusive B&C T-Shirts, Sweatpants, Sweatshirts & More. B&C private label features 3 iconic brands- BEEN HERE FOREVER, THE LAMPTONS, and our SKULL&TENNIS logos which have become synomymous with the Hamptons lifestyle.


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$200 OR LESS Nice to Meet You: Visual Greeting from Business Cards The well designed, eyecatching business card can be the difference between the rolodex and the dust bin in an opportunity to further a blossoming network connection or close a deal. It is the proverbial residue of a meeting that retrieves and augments in the recipient's mind an initial or lasting impression. Nice to Meet You accumulates a great number of design solutions to the business card, showcasing hundreds of cards that stand out for their original use of materials, creative design approaches and specialty printing techniques while successfully addressing the pragmatic needs of the user.

352 pages
Paperback with plastic sleeve
6 3/4" x 8 1/2" (170 x 215 mm)
Color illustrations throughout
BCBOOK11-5 2.00
40 USD
[email protected] 888-517-7773
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