Cartography Spirity Cove's Skull


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Lariat skull necklace with black diamond eyes.

- Color: Silver/Black
- Sterling silver with 2 black diamonds
- 24" sterling silver flat cable link chain


…antique junkie, musicophile and adventurist. for your consideration, he presents to you three collections: one is a travelogue of one-of-a-kind, found-object design necklaces composed of antiques from around the world; another is a series of anatomical hearts, telling the trials and triumphs of the artist’s past relationships; lastly, is a return to his wanderlust ways with 'talk to me like the sea', which echoes memories of his favorite seaside towns. inspired by the rugged sensibility of a weary, yet enthralled, traveler and the wisdom and yearning of roaming writers and musical troubadours, the pieces that make up cartography are esthetically nostalgic, but with a forward twist.


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Cartography Cartography "Fuck Off" Dagger 'Fuck Off' dagger / anatomical heart / selfie necklace

- Color: Sterling Silver
- 24" sterling silver 2.4mm ball chain
295 USD
Zoars Black Diamond Shark Tooth Pave black diamond shark tooth necklace.

- Color: Silver/Black
- Sterling silver with 33 black diamonds
- 24" sterling silver flat cable link chain.
1500 USD
[email protected] 888-517-7773
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