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Electric Picks

Electric Picks is modern jewelry with a rock n' roll attitude, inspired by the freedom and glamour of rock music. It's for the renegades, romantics and visionaries. Each bracelet is intricately crafted and one of a kind.Seeking but never finding jewelry that inspired her as much as music did, designer Mj Barton set out on her own and brought Electric Picks to life. Mj, a charity event planner turned jewelry designer, fused these 2 loves into Electric Picks Rock Jewelry.She is still on the board of 2 charities and heavily involved in children charity causes.She is influenced by what she calls a "gypsy lifestyle".She was born and raised in Chicago, but at 19 set out on her own and has lived in Arizona, Miami Beach, Dublin Ireland, and now resides in New York City."I'm influenced so much by travel and culture. The Indian influences from Arizona, the Celtics from Dublin, Art Deco from Miami, I carry them all with me."