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Women's Cotton Citizen

With all the trends swirling around, there’s something to be said for simple, uber-cozy clothes with phenomenal fit. Enter Cotton Citizen - a family-operated brand based in Los Angeles taking fashion by storm with its ultra high-quality, locally-sourced, and ethically manufactured modern basics that are anything but basic. Combining the creative expertise of its in-house atelier with the craftsmanship of its family-owned dye factory, Cotton Citizen’s line spans a literal rainbow of colors. From Bronx, Brooklyn, and Milan sweats to Ibiza, Tokyo, and Verona crop-tops and fan-favorite Milan and Monaco biker shorts, Cotton Citizen has a wide range of styles suited for all seasons.From bright, punchy primaries to rich, subtle (and not so subtle) tye-dyes, every garment has a unique and luxurious hue that instantly elevates any outfit. It’s all in the details...

What kind of woman chooses this label? For starters, she is bold, never afraid of change, and has a deep sense of adventure while staying true to herself. With our collection of women's Cotton Citizen designer clothing at the ready, step out in style sure to live up to your attitude. In this collection, you will find options perfect for acting as stylish staples such as single-color skirts, sweaters, and pants. From sweatpants to crop tops, there is something here perfect for anchoring your look and blending bold with basic. These options pair well with the more unique, vibrant options such as the dyed options in specialty washes. These washes are what make women's Cotton Citizen apparel stand out from other labels on the scene. Since the washes are hand-created, no two pieces are alike so you can be a true original and set the next big trend in style. With our collection of women's Cotton Citizen designer clothing, find the perfect signature look of your own with designs ready for your life. Whether you are trendsetting in the city or globetrotting as a world traveler, these pieces are ready to update your wardrobe for that next big adventure. Shop today and add some adventurous style sure to excite to the mix.

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