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Infuse romance into any look with whimsical accessories from Lele Sadoughi. From preppy rose-hue corduroy, pearl and crystal studded headbands to nautical bandana scarfs and patterned mask sets, Lele Sadoughi’s playful line of feminine accessories adds a welcome dose of bohemian chic to any outfit.

Our selection features some of the most cherished designs from this line to help elevate your look to new heights of elegant femininity with a modern edge. With women's Lele Sadoughi headbands, mix up your everyday look with the latest designer options. One of the first things people notice about these designs is the element of texture. Whether it's the softness of velvet, the feel of pearls, or raised texture elements such as a knot at the top, these headbands bring plenty of unique texture to the center stage. Aside from texture, the colors and prints also stand out as key factors. From a delicate dusty rose color to bold leopard print or polka dots, there is something here to help you turn heads in style. Whether you choose a single color or one of the floral prints, each design speaks to the modern woman of exceptional taste from head to toe. When looking for Lele Sadoughi jewelry, you will find delicate pearl hoops as well as intricate lily earrings in a range of colors. These smaller accessories work well with a matching headband or as standalone elements of any look. Shop today and embrace delicate femininity in all its beauty.