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Can high-fashion fur styles be recreated with vegan principles? The designers behind Apparis, Amélle Brick, and Lauren Nouchi have proven there is a new way to do faux fur in style. Offering bold colors, vibrant patterns, and a stunning softness to the touch, women's Apparis clothing bridges the gap between real fur and vegan practices to create options for the conscientious consumer of today. This is a lineup intended for women who are bold, thoughtful, and looking to leave behind a better world. Whether for their animal-saving practices or the intrepid take on modern style, this is a designer sure to revamp your outlook on fur looks from here on out.

This design house hails from French creators looking to leave a mark with bright, bold colors and a vegan legacy. With the luxurious feel of the faux fur, wrapping up in an Apparis coat is an experience all its own. When the soft surface is combined with some of the boldest prints from any design house, the end result is an explosion of style that walks the line between over the top and just right with absolute ease. When you want something with lively color, consider options in deep red or yellow stripes to stand out. If something more subtle is preferred, shop the options in more basic designs such as black, white, or blue. When you want to go wild, choose the leopard print faux fur coat to really step up your fashion game. Aside from the bold colors, women's Apparis clothing is about texture. The softness reels you in while the texture elements make you want to stay forever. For example, the quilted fax fur coats are one of the more interesting takes on this classic piece to emerge in recent years. No matter which style speaks to you, this label brings cruelty-free fashion sure to turn heads. Add this name to your wardrobe today and step out in luxurious style.