Super Classic Black 24k



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The Super wayfarer sunglasses in black with gold frames will be your favorite summer accessory.

- Made in Italy
- 100% UV/UVB Protection


Founded in 2007, Retrosuperfuture has become one of the most talked about eyewear labels. Retrosuperfuture glasses are handmade in Italy by top manufacturers using the best materials. The brand also uses ZEISS lenses, the same lenses used in Sony and Nokia cameras, and guarantee the best protection in all conditions. Retrosuperfuture has quickly become a go to brand for celebrities. Kanye West, Sienna Miller, Jessica Alba, Daft Punk and Justice are all fans. They have also been featured in publications such as Vogue, i-D, The New York Times and People Style Watch.


Customer Service: 888.517.7773
Contact A Stylist For A Personal Shop: [email protected]
RetroSuperFuture Super White Matte Dusk Flat Top The Super Flat Top sunglasses are a top hit in a soft crystal matte finish.

- Color: White Matte Dusk
- Made in Italy
- 100% UV/UVB Protection
SUPERFLAT-889 1.00
200 USD
Super Flat Top Goffrato The super flat top sunglasses are a summer essential that are amazing for everyone.

- Made in Italy
- 100% UV/UVB Protection
- Premium Zeiss Lenses
SUPER-PF4 1.00
218 USD
Super Sunglasses Giaguaro in Trans Light Pink Our favorite sunglasses by Retrosuperfuture. We can't keep them in stock, get yours now before they sell out!!

- Made in Italy
- Premium Zeiss Lenses
240 USD
Super Vincenzo Marble One of the key elements of the Metropolis collection is the use of raw materials and rich natural colors. Well, this series takes this idea for granted. Vincenzo Marble is an elegant piece of eyewear, characterized by the combination of two marble patterns. With a keen eye on traditional Italian crafts and materials, Super combines different prints of this classic Italian decorative material, producing nevertheless a sophisticated and unique model.

- Made in Italy
- 100% UV/UVB Protection
- Premium Zeiss Lenses
319 USD
[email protected] 888-517-7773
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