Blue&Cream Lamptons Hoody


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The ultimate sweatshirt to lounge in or just to keep you warm.
- CF zipper with joey pocket.
- Pre-washed
- Fabrication:100% Cotton Fleece

- Definition: Lampin - Verb: To just chill back and relax while being totally unproductive "Said she's just lampin, chillin on campus"


BLUE&CREAM (B&C) is a Hamptons based multi-label retail clothing boutique. In 2004, B&C ventured into private label design of exclusive B&C T-Shirts, Sweatpants, Sweatshirts & More. B&C private label features 3 iconic brands- BEEN HERE FOREVER, THE LAMPTONS, and our SKULL&TENNIS logos which have become synomymous with the Hamptons lifestyle.


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