Eleanor Kalle The Sofia Earrings



Product Info

This EK exclusive hugs the ear gracefully while accessorizing your best dressed look.

- Swarovski crystal
- Approximately 1.5"length
- Handmade with love in New York City


Their mission is to create an unconventional sense of femininity; one not defined by frills, but by fusing beauty & strength. Juxtaposing soft and hard elements comprises many materials from hardware to vintage. The meaning behind the names tells a story. Amy's great-grandmother was Elinor—a strong advocate for women's rights, focused on education and building confidence. Kalle is her cool counterpart. She wears what she wants no matter what's in style. Nothing scares Kalle—she is confidence embodied. Together, Eleanor and Kalle are the Modern Woman—the essence of Eleanor Kalle.


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