Miansai Silver Grenade Pill Holder



Product Info

Sterling Silver Grenade Pill Holder

- 30" Antiqued Chain
- Grenade opens, small storage compartment within.
- 100% Sterling Silver
- MIANSAI logo at the bottom of grenade.
- Latch closure, no risk of losing pills from storage compartment.


Michael Andrew, native New Yorker, studied Sports Management at the University of Miami, modeled and traveled the world. After years of eye-opening experiences in Europe, Peru and Costa Rica, Michael fused his worldly style with his affinity for past treasures. The outcome? An eclectic and elegant line of vintage-inspired jewelry, which he proudly calls MIANSAI.

The MIANSAI philosophy is the more worn, the better. "Every piece has its own rich history," says Michael. "All my designs, especially the more controversial ones, are meant to get people talking. It's almost like the pieces themselves have a secret or a story to tell. Keeping that in mind, I try to find each relic in its natural habitat. That way it maintains a raw integrity, a quality I hold high when I create my designs."


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