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Amateur skater Justin Brock collaborated with Nike Skateboarding on their 3rd Custom Series to combine the joy of grinding on the bed of a pick-up truck with a Nike SB Dunk Mid. This SB Dunk Mid features a khaki colored fabric on most sections of the shoe, with denim being used to accent the Swoosh and black nubuck rounding out the toe-box, laces and heel. The combination of denim and khaki fabric gives this shoe a work-wear feel, which is only appropriate considering Brock's tee shirt is called the "SB Workwear Tee."

- Nike Style # 314381-241
- Colorway: Khaki/Medium Denim
- Year of Release: 2009



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SB DUNK MID Nike SB Dunk High Pro "Ferris Bueller" Ferris Bueller's Day Off was one of Matthew Broderick's first films that first debuted more than two decades ago in 1986. Since it has be come a cross generational classic routinely in the top lists of DVD sales of 1980's films. The movie later became a TV series that starred Jennifer Anniston pre-Friends and was the inspiration for the ska band's name "Save Ferris." Nike SB has drawn inspiration in the past from icons of the eighties in the past with shoes taking cues from Pee Wee Herman, Vanilla Ice, and Milli Vanilli to name a few. Much attention to detail was used when designing the Ferris Bueller Dunk Highs with a leopard print tongue and laces to match his vest, grey toe cap to hook to his pants, and the cream and brown that are on the jacket Ferris wears.

- Style #: 305050-201
- Colorway: Boulder/Black
- Year of Release: 2008
NIKE305050-201 10.00
350 USD
Nike SB Dunk Low Pro "Goofy Boy" These sneakers feature a nice purple and gold upper with the purple denim-like and the gold traditional suede, along with a black Swoosh. For those not familiar with the "Goofy Boy" look, pictured on the insoles is the iconic image of what skaters were rockin' in the '90s. Purple jeans cut-off between the ankle and shin in a very capri-style look along with tall tees.

- Nike Style #: 304292-751
- Colorway: Chutney/Abyss
- Year of Release: 2009

* Men's sizing. Women select 1.5 size smaller. (Example: Men's 8 = Women's 9.5)
NIKE304292-751 5.00
175 USD
Nike SB Dunk Mid Pro "Batman" The Nike Dunk Mid Pro SB "Batman" is one of several releases by Nike that are inspired by comic book characters. These are modeled more after the old school Batman colors, and feature a brown upper along with a black Nike swoosh, yellow inner lining, and classic white midsole. The Nike Dunk Mid version also sports an ankle strap and because these are SB's, they feature Zoom Air insoles for added comfort.

- Nike Style #: 314383-003
- Colorway: Midnight Fog/Black
- Year of Release: 2008
NIKE314383-003 10.00
250 USD
Nike SB Dunk Low Premium "Ron Burgundy" Don't Sleep, what do you think sneakerheads are going to think of this limited release 10 years from now?! Nike often takes inspiration from movies or cartoons and transforms them into best selling sneakers. This SB Dunk Low 2009 release memorializes Funnyman Will Ferrell's male chauvinist lead character in Anchorman, Ron Burgundy. Featuring a Burgundy Suede upper with White/Gold highlights and a tacky tie Print on the heel and tongue, these kicks can make you feel like "kind of a big deal". You know, very important, as if you had "many leather bound books and an apartment that smells of rich mahogany." Stay classy NYC!

- Nike Style #: 304292-672
- Colorway: Team Red/Mtllc Gold
- Year of Release: 2009
NIKE304292-672 10.00
180 USD
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