Nice to Meet You: Visual Greeting from Business Cards



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The well designed, eyecatching business card can be the difference between the rolodex and the dust bin in an opportunity to further a blossoming network connection or close a deal. It is the proverbial residue of a meeting that retrieves and augments in the recipient's mind an initial or lasting impression. Nice to Meet You accumulates a great number of design solutions to the business card, showcasing hundreds of cards that stand out for their original use of materials, creative design approaches and specialty printing techniques while successfully addressing the pragmatic needs of the user.

352 pages
Paperback with plastic sleeve
6 3/4" x 8 1/2" (170 x 215 mm)
Color illustrations throughout


viction workshop ltd was founded by Victor Cheung in 2001 in Hong Kong. It is a young creative multi-dimensional workshop born to create vibrant visual experience to inspire and ignite the sense of people, inside and outside of the industry. Its aspiration permeates along two parallel strands: Firstly, it provides a broad range of design services, to maximise the true potential of its clients by building sophisticated and innovative solutions that enable them to develop deeper and more personalized relationships with their customers. Secondly, it creates the highest quality publications focusing on graphics and visual communications.


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Books Mom & Popism These time-worn institutions were reproduced at close to life-size scale and then painted over by artists such as Blanco, Lady Pink, Zoltron, Dave Cooper and Billi Kid during an art installation presented by Gawker Artists on the Gawker Media roof, with the NYC skyline as its backdrop. This unique exhibition has been immortalized in the form of a playful accordion-fold board book that can be arranged to display a unique "street view" display of store fronts. The book documents the completed artwork, but also includes interviews with the artists and a fascinating look at the works in progress.

- 20 Pages.
- Board book.
- 12 1/4" x 6 5/8"
- 50 Illustrations.
BCBOOK11-1 2.00
14.95 USD
Broken Windows - Graffiti NYC Full of vibrant, energetic and explosive images, Broken Windows - Graffiti NYC documents the flowering of the graffiti movement of the post-train era. In the 1980's graffiti was pushed out of the subways as the trains were cleaned once and for all. In the 1990's, much of the graffiti action in New York migrated to the city's walls, enabling the writers to execute more refined and concept-driven large-scale pieces. Broken Windows contains insightful interviews, an extensive selection of women's graffiti, and features the work of more than 180 artists from The United States,Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Holland, Italy, and Norway.

252 Pages
5 Gatefolds Hardcover
11 3/4" x 8 3/4"
BCBOOK11-6 2.00
40 USD
[email protected] 888-517-7773
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