Duchess of Malfi

Duchess of Malfi Sterling Silver Antique Crown Necklace



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This Duchess of Malfi necklace features a small sterling silver antique crown from England for a dash of royalty to spice up your wardrobe. Additional sparkly mirror bead and sterling silver chain for added glam.

- Sterling Silver.
- Antique Crown Charm.
- Lobster Clasp.


Duchess of Malfi jewelry, evolved from combining old world charm with a modern sensibility. The new collection Summer Fling reflects the colors and notions of the sun and sea. Each piece is handmade with semi precious stones and shells collected from around the world. Also, because much of the inspiration comes from rock and roll, the skull is an essential element. There are also shell necklaces and bracelets for guys and girls with skulls to bring back the retro beach vibe with a modern twist. Abalone sharkteeth hand carved in the Pacific Northwest are combined with a skull and a surfboard charm or tiny cannabis leaf from England. All braceletes are handmade with stones collected from all over the world. Each piece is hand beaded and unique because no two stones are alike.


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Jewelry Duchess of Malfi Skull Necklace with Clam Shells This Duchess of Malfi necklace is handcrafted with all natural clam shells collected from all around the world. These particular cream tone genuine clam shells feature three skulls dispersed throughout adding contrast and edge.

- Clam Shell.
- 3 Skulls Throughout.
DUCHESS-86 1.00
175 USD
Duchess of Malfi Black Lip Shell Necklace with Skull This all natural shell necklace by Duchess of Malfi is a black lip shell necklace with single skull detailing. Variegated shell colors from black to golds and creams to create an all-natural look.

- Black Lip Shell.
- Single Skull.
DUCHESS-84 1.00
175 USD
Duchess of Malfi Conus Shell Bracelet with Skull Natural variegated shell colors.

- Single Skull Embellishment.
- Twist Clasp.
DUCHESS-81 1.00
125 USD
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