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Designed for the Spring/Summer 2016 'Solid Liquid' collection, Giaguaro M3 is an innovative piece of eyewear which fuses technological research with original style.

- Rainbow-like mirrored gradient Zeiss lenses
- Black matte acetate
- Made in Italy


Founded in 2007, Retrosuperfuture has become one of the most talked about eyewear labels. Retrosuperfuture glasses are handmade in Italy by top manufacturers using the best materials. The brand also uses ZEISS lenses, the same lenses used in Sony and Nokia cameras, and guarantee the best protection in all conditions. Retrosuperfuture has quickly become a go to brand for celebrities. Kanye West, Sienna Miller, Jessica Alba, Daft Punk and Justice are all fans. They have also been featured in publications such as Vogue, i-D, The New York Times and People Style Watch.


Customer Service: 888.517.7773
Contact A Stylist For A Personal Shop: [email protected]
RetroSuperFuture Super Flat Top M3 Designed for the Spring/Summer 2016 'Solid Liquid' collection, Flat Top M3 doesn't take established styles for granted, proposing new methods of production and stylistic interpretations.

- Rainbow-like mirrored gradient by Zeiss
- Black matte acetate
- Made in Italy
SUPER-T4D 2.00
209 USD
Super Classic M3 Designed for the Spring/Summer 2016 'Solid Liquid' collection, classic M3 is developed through an uncompromising approach to design, which turns expected into the unexpected, known into the unknown. Classic M3 is characterized by its technically elaborate lenses and simple black matte acetate.

- Mirred Lenses by Zeiss
- Made in Italy
SUPER-6CI 2.00
209 USD
Super Andy Warhol The Iconic Series Classic Designed for the Spring/Summer 2016 collection, the Iconic is directly characterized by a sinuous, rounded frame with pear-shaped lenses. A tinted crystal acetate in a delicate hue reveals the core wire of the silhouette, while minute metal work adds structure to the frame.

- Flat glass lenses by Barberini in Light Blue
- Made in Italy
SUPER-N8F 2.00
239 USD
Super Paloma Pool Designed for the Spring/Summer 2016 'Solid Liquid' collection, Paloma Pool draws its name and inspiration from the leisurely pool-side lounging and captivating reflections of crystal clear water and bright rays of light.

- Light blue crystal acetate and matching lenses by Zeiss in Light Grey and Blue
- Made in Italy
199 USD
[email protected] 888-517-7773
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